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Lock Stock Salads Dressings

The Lock Stock Salads philosophy is simple – create delicious salads and dressings we love to eat using fresh, natural ingredients. 

Aioli (ay-oh-lee) A light mayonnaise style sauce laden with fresh garlic. Use on salads, sandwiches, hot chips or serve as a dip. For a new taste sensation mix Aioli and French or try Aioli and Thai

French Garlic lovers will fall in love with this family recipe. Enjoy your pasta with a side salad of lettuce, kalamata olives and French dressing. For a new taste sensation mix French and Aioli
Lemon & Herb fat free A fresh twist on traditional Greek dressing but without the olive oil. Use on salads or as a fat free marinade for fish or chicken
Thai fat free   This recipe gets better with age.  If you love the flavour of lime, coriander, ginger and chilli you will definitely want this one.  This is a wonderful fat free marinade for green prawns and fish.  Throw on the barbie and serve with toasted Turkish bread and extra virgin olive oil for dipping. 
Caesar A golden oldie, created in the 1920’s for a group of Hollywood movie stars, a mayonnaise style sauce with parmesan and anchovies (even those who dislike anchovies will enjoy the taste).
Honey Sesame Enjoy the balance of sesame oil and honey, it has just the right amount of sweetness balanced with a subtle nutty flavour.  Especially great with grilled chicken or pan seared salmon and noodles.
Remember, a balanced diet of nutritious, natural food is a big part in keeping healthy and staying active.