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Our traditional Greek Yoghurt product is much healthier, tangier and less sweet, as well as creamier, which is a perfect choice for your health. Why?

  1. Our Greek yoghurt is strained extensively to remove much of the lactose, sugar and liquid whey, in order to giving it its thick consistency. And then add a little bit of honey to create the sweetness. That’s all it made from: 100% natural ingredient--milk and honey. (NO SUGAR, SWEETENING AGENT OR OTHER ADDITIVES LIKE OTHER BRANDS ON THE MARKET)
  2. It contains live lactic acid cultures which is good for your digest system.
  3. It also contains more protein and carbohydrates which is a perfect choice for vegetarians, low-carb dieters and other people who seriously care about dietary and nutrition.
With some of our 100% freshly cut fruit salad on side, it will be your best choice for breakfast, dessert or a quick snack.

The Greek Yoghurt is available in the following sizes

* small $3.90
* medium $5.90
* large $8.50

  The Greek Yoghurt is worth only
2 points for 100grams

Greek Yoghurt per 100g
Energy 590kj
Protein 7.2g
Fat total 4.0g
* Saturated Fat? 2.6g
Carbohydrate 15g
* Sugar 12.2g
Calcium 170mg
Sodium 56mg
Potassium 230mg

The fruits that make our flavours

  • passionfruit
  • berry mix
  • raspberry
  • lemon curd
  • nutty fruity muesli * this flavour is not gluten free
  • mango
  • plain
  • raspberry coconut
  • cappuccino *this flavour is not gluten free
  • apple, cinnamon, sultanas, coconut
  • fresh fruit salad